Some metropolitan areas must be fiscally decoupled from the Common Fund – Awal Kariama

Rise Ghana Executive Director Awal Ahmed Kariama has called for some metropolitan areas to be weaned from the Common District Fund as soon as possible.

According to him, some of the metropolitan areas have the capacity to generate more money than they are allocated through the Common Fund, so they should be encouraged to generate funds internally rather than depending on the central government.

He said this would allow the government to focus on the less well-endowed districts, providing them with much-needed development.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express, Awal Kariama revealed that this is among the reforms that civil society organizations are calling for, for the advancement of decentralization of governance structure.

“One of the things we’re also asking for is fiscal decentralization so that fiscally there’s that autonomy for people to generate their income. And let me be very frank here and say that in In fact, some of us think that we use equality politics to fight inequality.

“Some metropolitan and district assemblies don’t really need this common fund. Their only internally generated fund is several times larger than the money the central government gives them under the common fund.

“And in fact, if we look at this critically and really want to be fair and promote local development across the country, I think some of the Metropolitan District Assemblies should actually be weaned from the Common Fund,” a- he declared.

He added that in some districts, local revenue mobilization strategies can be designed to enable them to improve their ability to generate funds internally.

“So we can say that when you associate a certain amount of money as a local district assembly, then you have certain capital from central government to add to that. But honestly, we need to look at decoupling and downsizing, in fact weaning some of the forward districts from this district assembly common fund,” he stressed.

In the meantime, he denounced the government’s reluctance to fiscally decouple some of these metropolitan areas from the Common Fund.

According to him, if decoupling them from the Common Fund will give them the autonomy they so badly need to put in place strategies to generate their own funds, keeping them attached to the Common Fund compromises the efficiency and good planning of expenditure in these areas. metropolitan.

“So you will find district assemblies buying things from the center that they don’t really need, the priorities of the districts are different from what the Ministry of Local Government and the central authority buy for them.

“We therefore call beyond simple allocations, and then through the District Assembly Common Fund, to decentralize fiscally so that District Assemblies can have the autonomy to raise their own funds as well as to be able to determine their expenses. But as it is, they are limited in certain areas because the money comes from the center,” he said.

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