Talking about the city: business tips that aren’t at all stupid

Who am I talking to?
Oh, this is scary. Apparently, the Sun Journal provides an audio service where a robotic voice will read the news of the day to you, the “reader.” I tried it the other day with one of my reviews and have to admit the narrator looked pretty genuine. The scariest part was when I sneezed in the middle of the column and the voice said “God bless you”. These astonishing advances. I guess then they will offer to send a guy over to your place to finish the crossword for you.

Auburn is looking for business ideas
Oh sure. City leaders are reaching out to the public for entrepreneurial ideas, but when I suggest things they are all: “It’s not even legal” or “We don’t allow nudity on public streets” to take a bath. ”They have no respect for my business acumen.

Top Gun LA wants entrepreneurs for 2022
See above. Relax your period a bit, folks, and I will bring you miracles! Miracle, I say!

The proof is in the pipe
I mean, for example, when I was a hooligan teenager, I would say all the time, “Duuuudes. They should just legalize the pot and sell it in stores, you know? There should be pot stores on every corner. Eh? Eh?? I wasn’t smart enough to do algebra in high school, but you have to admit my predictions were right.

Auburn Council Votes on ‘Band’ Zoning Extension
See? We are talking now! I don’t know what that means exactly, but I love the sound.

Caratunk woman racing against Bruce Poliquin for Maine 2nd district
I have no particular comment So. I just like to say “Caratunk”. To me, this is exactly the sound you hear when you start with your cup of coffee still on the roof of your truck. Plus, if you say it right, it sounds vaguely dirty. Explain it during your next job interview and see!

Also, Thorndike. Also try to take this into account during your interview. If the boss starts giggling wildly, you know this is the place to work.

Please no ringing the bell
Every day I walk around tense and nervous, wondering where, what and when I will hear the first Christmas song of the season. “Blue Christmas” at the supermarket? “Winter Wonderland” at the garage? “Grandma got run over by a reindeer?” »At the massage parlor? But now I’m afraid I’ve said too much.

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