The arrears of metropolitan areas exceed 4.63 billion in one year


The arrears of metropolises exceed 4.63 billion in one year

The metropolis of Kathmandu alone has 11.86% of arrears

The arrears of metropolitan areas exceed 4.63 billion in one year

Office of the Comptroller General of Finance. (File photo)

KATMANDU: A recent report released by the Office of the Auditor General shows that six metropolitan cities, with over 4.63 billion rupees recorded as arrears, are among the local levels with the highest percentage of financial irregularities.

According to a report released by the Office of the Auditor General on Friday, the metropolis of Kathmandu recorded nearly 2 billion rupees of irregularities in fiscal year 2020/21.

Of the 16.36 billion rupees audited by the Auditor General, 11.86 percent were found unaccounted for. The total amount verified is Rs. 1.94 billion.

After Kathmandu, the metropolitan city of Birgunj has most of the irregularities. Of the audited amount of Rs 9.16 billion, Rs 756.7 million were not recorded. It’s 8.26 percent.

Likewise, after Birgunj, the unpaid amount of the metropolitan city of Pokhara is also remarkably high.

Of the 9.51 billion audits in the metropolis of Pokhara, 705.7 million were found missing. This amount is 7.42 percent of the verified amount.

At the same time, it is mentioned in the Comptroller General’s report that the irregularities of Lalitpur Municipal Corporation have also increased.

Of the audited amount of Rs. 9.31 billion, Rs. 673 million are missing. This represents 7.22 percent of the total amount verified.

Likewise, the metropolitan city of Biratnagar has 3.41 percent and the metropolitan city of Bharatpur has 2.02 percent of the amount audited as irregularities, according to the report.

So far, out of the audit amount of Rs. 62.87 billion for six metropolitan cities, this year’s irregularities have been Rs. 4.63 billion.

The total amount of arrears on behalf of six cities has so far reached Rs 12.29 billion.


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