The last city of Portsmouth to force masks

Posted: 1/8/2022 12:36:17 PM

Modified: 1/8/2022 12:35:25 PM

Masks are once again mandatory in the city in accordance with a public health directive published on Friday by municipal director Karen Conard.

Effective immediately, all persons over the age of 5 in Portsmouth are encouraged to wear face coverings in indoor areas accessible to the public and in all indoor workplaces shared by two or more employees who are not from the same household . This extends a city ordinance last month to require masks in municipal buildings.

“Based on current measurements on the percentage of positivity and use of hospitalizations due to COVID, the health worker has determined that in order to protect public health, appropriate face coverings should be used in all indoor areas. and publicly accessible workplaces, ”Conard said in a prepared statement. “When infection and hospitalization rates no longer present a risk to public health, this directive will be repealed. ”

The directive does not apply to children under 5 years old. The city’s announcement says the decision is up to parents.

All public areas affected by the directive, defined as any building and mode of public transport accessible to the public, are required to display a notice of the new rule, the manager said.

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