The ministry organizes an introductory forum on food safety

The Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Municipality of Doha, organized an introductory forum on Wednesday on the rules and principles of food health and safety as well as the appropriate means of exchanging food, with the participation managers of various hotels and restaurants in different areas of Doha.

The forum aimed to raise awareness of food safety and the sanitary requirements that must be met according to normative specifications, to achieve the highest levels of food safety.

On this occasion, the Director of the Municipality of Doha Mansour Ajran Al Buainain said that the introductory forum with officials and representatives of food establishments is part of the ministry’s desire to open new horizons for dialogue and joint work with all relevant institutions and organizations to develop the working environment. The forum will serve everyone’s interests and marks the start of a series of upcoming forums that will include all food establishments within Doha’s borders to enhance community participation.

The forum also aims to activate the awareness role in addition to the supervisory role by improving cooperation, integration and communication with food establishment managers to provide guidance and awareness on food safety.

The Director of Doha Municipality highlighted the educational role played by inspectors from the Sanitary Control Section of the Municipal Control Department during their campaigns and tours. Inspectors from the Sanitary Control Section educate food establishment managers and workers on all things food safety, emphasizing that the main objective is not to spot errors and violations, but to alert for correction to ensure the supply of healthy and safe food for all.

For his part, the director of the municipal control department of the Doha municipality, Salem Al Shafi, said that the hosting of the forum by the municipality is in line with the philosophy and strategy of the work of the ministry on the basis of the vision and instructions of His Excellency the Minister of Municipality towards opening horizons and avenues of community dialogue and joint efforts between the municipal sector of the ministry and all relevant institutions and bodies to develop the working environment in a to serve the interests of all and achieve the desired objectives.

Al Shafi explained that the introductory forum on the rules and principles of food health and safety also aims to shed light on the types of risks, the main reasons for food poisoning and how to avoid them, raise awareness and provide the necessary instructions for workers to raise the level of safety at all stages of the food chain to achieve safe and healthy food.

For her part, the Director of Public Relations of the Ministry of Municipality, Dr. Fayqa Ashkanani, highlighted the cooperation and coordination between Doha Municipality and all other municipalities in terms of publishing and disseminating messages and films of sensitization related to food security through various local media and ministry-affiliated social media platforms. This is part of the Public Relations Department’s awareness and media plan by intensifying awareness and education campaigns to increase public awareness and cooperation with relevant authorities and compliance with municipal laws in various areas of work and departmental activities to achieve its strategic objectives. and Qatar National Vision 2030.

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