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Roberto Lipari and Striscia obtain in Uboldo the information on the scenario of the property rented to the riflemen. “Since 2003, the property has been rented by the municipality and the armed service is said to be abusive for all intents and purposes. The expiration of the previous contract was October 31, 2019, since they no longer disburse the lease, ”specify the entrepreneurs who claim to have a financial debt of 31,000 euros to the entire community. The Striscia correspondent approached the barracks to ask “if the site is indeed occupied illegally by the riflemen”, but received no answer.

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Lipari therefore went to discuss with the mayor Luigi Clerici: “The municipality is not able to pay the rent of a barracks, but at most it co-participated”, he advised Striscia. And then the envoy wonders who should pay the rent to the person: the Municipality or the State? The Municipality did not renew the lease simply because it is awaiting the opening of the new barracks, which began in 2003. “He is an Italian squander,” suggests Lipari. “We contacted the Ministry of the Interior, which tends to recognize that there is no possibility of payment, even partial, by the State since the agreement is private.”

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