The Recorder – Montague Selectboard is tapping the current city planner for deputy city administrator. work

Posted: 08/31/2022 15:29:22

Modified: 08/31/2022 15:25:43

MONTAGUE — Current city planner Walter Ramsey accepted a position as assistant administrator for the town of Montague following a unanimous vote by the selection committee to offer him the job Monday night.

“I look forward to serving the city in a new role,” Ramsey wrote in an email Tuesday. “Montague has a great team and I’m honored to be part of the leadership.”

The seven-member hiring committee recommended Ramsey at last week’s selection committee meeting. They previously selected Ramsey as one of two finalists for the job, with the other finalist being current Sandisfield Town Manager Kevin Flynn. The selection committee has elected to take an additional week to review each candidate’s interview footage and application materials before making a formal decision, although it feels comfortable with the selection committee’s recommendation. hiring.

“Although the transition to this new role will take several weeks, I am confident that his considerable expertise, his constant willingness to learn and grow, and his deep commitment to our community will quickly return substantial benefits to the city,” wrote the director. City Administrator Steve Ellis. Ramsey in a statement.

Although Flynn had served in municipal governments in central Massachusetts for more than 25 years, Ramsey became the favorite of the hiring committee because of his “very strong knowledge of the community, obviously, knowledge of the position (and) knowledge needs of the Town of Montague,” explained Greg Garrison, chair of the Deputy City Manager Hiring Committee, at last week’s selection committee meeting.

“I am especially delighted that Walter Ramsey has the opportunity to serve Montague in this position,” Ellis wrote in an email Tuesday night. “Throughout his tenure, he has distinguished himself as a creative and highly skilled professional who brings exceptional motivation and commitment to our community. His collegial approach is particularly well suited to the position and our staff. He is flexible, has a team spirit and is invested in obtaining the best possible result. I have every confidence that he will succeed in this role.

Selection committee chairman Rich Kuklewicz expressed his gratitude for having had the chance to weigh each nominee’s “strengths and a few weaknesses” within a week of being recommended.

“I think it really clarified the questions I had and I’m glad I had the opportunity to review them,” he said.

In his statement, Ellis said “the objective of the position is to enhance (Montague’s) ability to plan, finance and execute projects related to economic and community development, municipal facilities and infrastructure.” Ellis previously outlined additional responsibilities, including coordination of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, construction procurement, grant and contract management, corporate marketing and outreach, and support for committees. Ellis also suggested that the assistant could act as an office assistant in a limited capacity.

“Having served six years as a city administrator, I have witnessed the great progress of our community and also have a keen awareness of the challenges we face,” Ellis wrote Tuesday. “The Deputy City Administrator position is intended to bring additional capabilities and skills to the city, improve our focus and response to upcoming opportunities and challenges, and better leverage external resources to support our success. .”

While Ramsey communicated to the Greenfield Recorder and city officials that he was accepting the job, Ellis noted Tuesday that “Ramsey’s formal offer letter has not yet been shared or discussed.” For this reason, Ellis refrained from declaring “an official acceptance”.

Neither the Selectboard nor Ellis have engaged in extensive discussions regarding a replacement town planner, a post that will be vacated by Ramsey once he begins his new role. In a next step, the selection committee must determine who will be part of the selection committee to fill this position.

Although no job start date has been officially confirmed by the Selectboard, Ellis said at last week’s capital improvement committee meeting that the hiring committee was hoping to have “someone to edge (as Deputy City Administrator) by October 3”.

At the May Annual Municipal Meeting, the position was approved and budgeted at $86,924 for fiscal year 2023 as part of an operating budget increase of $118,781 which also takes into account the addition of a part-time administrative assistant.

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