The romantic musical “Cyrano” comes to life in a small Sicilian town

Bringing the classic story of “Cyrano” living as a musical on the big screen meant finding the perfect romantic backdrop. And you know what they say: the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach.

“The set designer, Sarah Greenwood, her original reason for traveling to Noto, Sicily, where we shot this film and which became our backlot…she went to Noto for the first time to try a cannoli,” explains star Haley Bennett.

And apparently, this cannoli was amazing, as the cast and crew spent the fall of 2020 there filming Cyrano, a musical retelling of the famous tale of “Cyrano de Bergerac.” Director Joe Wright says it was a particularly tough shoot for the cast, including Emmy Award-winning Peter Dinklage as the title character.

“The actors all sang live in this film,” says Wright. “And I wanted those cracks in the vocals. I wanted that level of intimacy and emotional involvement from the actors. So that made it very difficult for them. They had headphones in which they heard the track of reading…and if that was anything it could be less rigid, so we also had a live pianist.”

This means the set was constantly filled with music – a good thing unless you were trying to sleep.

“We lived in this little castle,” says Kelvin Harrison, Jr., who plays “Christian.” “We were a big family. The theater which is in the opening of the film was in our garden, I could open my window [and see it]. Honestly, at one point it was a bit disturbing; I was trying to sleep when I was off, and suddenly I hear, like, Peter fighting everyone!”

But the end result is a feast for the eyes and ears. And, for those who ate those cannoli, a more literal treat.

“I put about a stone,” laughs Wright.

Cyrano is in theaters today; Click on here for more information about the movie.


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