Town Hall stood to discuss school brawls and the Carver Middle shooting

A town hall was held at an Orlando college Monday night to discuss school violence.

Parents and caregivers met at a town hall in Carver Middle School to discuss issues they see regarding school violence and potential solutions.

This town hall comes after a shooting after a dismissal on December 2. Orlando Police said two teenagers from a nearby private school fired. They say it was about a dispute with a Carver Middle student.

“These kids just need help, they need attention, they need something to do and they need something to stop these gangs taking over these kids and these schools,” he said. declared a relative of the community.

“It’s been brawl after, brawl, shootout, kids bringing guns to school, drugs, you have to get it under control,” another parent added.

Parents say there has been a lot of fighting on and off campus as well.

“I’m not going to wrap things up, we have a problem, we have a problem,” Commissioner Regina Hill said. “It’s going to be work, but we have to get some of these guns off the streets.”

Several ideas were raised such as increasing parent involvement or parent volunteer programs, doing something to control gang activity, adding more extracurricular activities, and hiring student safety coaches, instead of more. school resource officers.

“You don’t want an officer on every corner, in every classroom, that’s not the world we want to live in,” Orange County Sheriff John Mina told City Hall. “So this is where we need the help of all of you, we need the help of our children.”

City Commissioner Bakari Burns said this was just the start.

“You can hear that there is a lot of passion as well as frustration, with the parents, so I think there were some good discussions, some discussions that we need to continue, but we also need to focus on solutions. “said Burns.

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