UK police launch operation against climate change protesters and disruptive groups

The UK’s Metropolitan Police have launched an operation where they are taking pre-emptive action against climate change groups planning disruptive protests after the start of the UN Climate Change Conference, known as the COP27.

Police have reportedly identified and arrested activists linked to ‘Just Stop Oil’, a group that has become notorious for using vandalism and disruption to push its ‘climate preservation’ ideas.

“Our investigation has strong reason to suspect that the Just Stop Oil group intends to disrupt major highway road networks, which could cause serious harm to the public, with reckless actions to obstruct the public on a large scale,” a said Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist.

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“There remains a possibility that outstanding suspects still intend to unlawfully disturb the public. The Met mobilized specialist teams and attracted police from across the capital to respond.

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Although police have stepped up operations, parts of the M25 motorway were closed on Monday after ‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters climbed the gantries.

“A protester climbed onto a motorway gantry at Junction 25 on the M25. The road has been temporarily closed at this location (anti-clockwise). Specially trained officers from our Protest Removal Team are on their way to handle the scene,” police officials said.

As WION reported in detail, Just Stop Oil has been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. Its activists choose famous works of art across and outside Europe – vandalize them while launching into a monologue and recording the act for uploading to social media.

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The public has largely gone unconnected with their actions, and netizens see them as a threat to their wide-awake ideas that do more harm than good to the cause of climate preservation.

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