Westlock area municipalities seek to recognize healthcare workers

City, County and Village Pool $10,500 to Host Appreciation Events and Initiatives

WESTLOCK — Two out of three municipalities in the Westlock area have agreed to pool just over $10,000 to hire healthcare workers in 2022 under a newly-trimmunicipal healthcare recognition agreement. sign.

Westlock County Councilors unanimously signed the four-page agreement at their March 22 meeting and were followed by Westlock Town Councilors at their March 28 meeting – Councilors from village of Clyde are expected to adopt the document at their April 11 meeting.

The initiative, which sees the city and county raise $5,000 each while the village injects $500, replaces a 2016 physician recruitment agreement between the three and aims to appreciate “the contributions that healthcare providers from health bring to the Westlock area”.

City Chief Executive Simone Wiley said Westlock-area municipalities are doing “pretty well” on the physician recruitment front, noting in the ruling request that through communications with plan members Action for Rural Health Professions (RhPAP) and the local medical community, it was determined the three municipalities should now shift focus and direct these recruitment funds towards “health care appreciation and recognition”.

“It’s a nice simple agreement. And certainly, this fits perfectly with our strategic plan and our work in concert with the RhPAP and its strategies. It’s well planned,” Mayor Ralph Leriger said at the March 28 town meeting. “Our medical community is an important part of our economic engine and serves our citizens and always has. This fits well with our positive organizational culture philosophy.

Account added. Abby Keyes: “I like that it broadens the scope to all healthcare professionals. I’m excited about this.

Possible gestures range from paying for a barbecue to honor healthcare workers, to giving them free facility passes or gift baskets of appreciation. The city will be the group’s managing partner, and Wiley says an event is underway in May, as there are already a handful of national healthcare recognition days on the calendar.

“In many ways, it’s just a different approach to physician recruitment and retention,” the adviser said. Jon Kramer who offered to sign the document. “We know that all healthcare workers want to work in healthy environments where they feel valued. So when I look at that, it’s just a roundabout way of trying to accomplish the same thing and a really unique way.

“I think that’s the approach to take. It gives us flexibility in how we want to show our respect to this community,” added Councilman Curtis Snell.

George Blais, TownandCountryToday.com

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