Which municipalities in Norway charge the highest property tax?

The figures by the National Landowners Association revealed the ten municipalities in Norway with the highest property taxes.

Gausdal in Innlandet, central Norway is the municipality that bills highest property tax, according to figures from the National Homeowners Association.

The municipality charges KKr 8,780 per year in property tax on an average house.

Property tax in Norway is a municipal levy that local authorities can choose to introduce. The tax is calculated as being between 0.1 and 0.7 percent of the residential value of a property.

Residential value is used because some properties may be more expensive if it is possible to use them as a recreation home, such as a cabin.

Municipalities tend to calculate a rate based on a percentage of market value rather than the full estimate to avoid exorbitant property taxes in some areas. The estimate of the value of municipalities is usually taken from Statistics Norway.

You can find out more about the property tax on the Norwegian Tax Administration website.

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In 2021, 251 municipalities in Norway levied a property tax, four more than the previous year.

On top of that, municipalities expect to collect over 400 million more in property taxes this year than last year.

“We have reacted strongly to the fact that municipalities are collecting more and more property taxes from ordinary landlords,” Morten Andreas Meyer, secretary general of the National Landowners Association, told the radio. P4.

The mayor of Gausdal, Anette Musdalslien, told P4 that the top of the list is not something the municipality is proud of, but that the property tax is necessary due to the bad finances of the authority.

“It is one of the few sources of income that we have outside of state funding,” she said.

However, the National Homeowners Association denounced the tax as unfair.

“It is a tax that does not take into account income or wealth. So this turns out to be unfair and does not contribute to the equalization that taxes are supposed to do, ”said Meyer, secretary general of the association.

If you think you have been overcharged for property tax, you can appeal to the Norwegian tax authorities here, and if you want to calculate the amount of property tax that you will be charged, you can use it tool.

Below you can see the list of the ten municipalities that charge the highest taxes for an average dwelling of 120 square meters:

1. Gausdal: 8,780 crowns

2. Giske: 8,300 crowns

3. Trondheim: 7,400 crowns

4. Skaun: 7,395 crowns

5. Vindafjord: 7,360 crowns

6. Kinn: 7,224 crowns

7. Grong: 7,200 crowns

8. Marker: 7,200 crowns

9. Vaksdal: 6,970 crowns

10. Løten: 6,791 crowns

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