Who is PC Adam Zaman? Metropolitan police officer arrested for rape

Who is PC Adam Zaman? Metropolitan police officer arrested for rape: A metropolitan police officer appeared in court. Yes, you read that right, we know you’re waiting to find out why? So let us tell you that an officer has been charged with a rape case. it is making headlines in every media nationwide and it is so embarrassing for the police personnel and even for the nation as well. We all trust the cops because we believe they are the ones who are for our safety here. But receiving this news on your TV screen makes our hearts shiver and it is so unexpected from a policeman. Follow more update on GetIndiaNews.com

Who is PC Adam Zaman?

You might be eager to learn more about me. So here we are with the full update on the same. His name is Adam Zaman, 28, and from Kingston Road in Romford. He was in a racing accident with a woman. He took this horrific incident at the Andaz Hotel on Liverpool Street in London. Now the question is when he did that then he raped a woman on Sunday and since then it has also become the most viral news on social media platforms. The user has their different reactions to this and they are all completely against it.

Statement of the accused Adam Zaman: –

Everyone is worried about whether a police officer can do this, so how can we say we are safe. Prosecutor Jonathan Bryan made a statement in which it is clear that the officers were off duty at the time. While the suspect claims that he did not do such a thing because these are false allegations against him. But the case is still ongoing and the investigation is also ongoing.

Police officer arrested for rape

We therefore cannot confirm whether he is really a suspect or not. the investigation report has not yet been released, but we have to wait. Many questions are raised by users of social media. Thus, the answers to all your questions will soon be updated on the same platform. He is due to have appeared in court for his next hearing on November 24. So until then we can’t confirm anything and to stay up to date don’t forget to follow us or bookmark our site.

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