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Mayor Paul Jordan, left, takes the oath of office for new board member Randy Dick at the Williamstown City Council meeting. (Photo by James Dobbs)

WILLIAMSTOWN – Williamstown City Council met for the first regular session of the year on Tuesday to swear in a new council member.

Council member Barbara Lewis was not present for Tuesday’s meeting. Board member Marty Seufer has brought forward a motion to accept the resignation of board member Lewis and take his seat for the remainder of his term with Randy Dick, a native of Williamstown.

Council approved the motion and Mayor Paul Jordan sworn in Council member Dick. He will hold the advisory position for the next three years.

“I am a guy from Williamstown, born and raised here, and I am happy to do what I can for the future of the city”, Dick said after the council meeting.

He said he was thrilled to have a seat on the board and looked forward to helping in any way he could.

Councilor Marty Seufer discusses notice boards at Williamstown City Council meeting. (Photo by James Dobbs)

The Council received three offers, two of which were refused, for auditors. The last bid, by Stuart Stickel, was $ 14,550 to audit the Town of Williamstown for the next two fiscal years. This was postponed to the next meeting to review the rates of the previous auditor.

The Council also discussed the billboards. Council member Jim Stage has said he would like to ban billboards from within the city limits of Williamstown. Seufer put forward a motion to refer the matter to the planning committee. Council adopted the motion and will wait for the planning committee to report back to council.

The board passed the first reading of an order authorizing Jordan to meet with the Wood County School Board and sign any documents to complete the transfer of the old Williamstown Elementary School to 418 Williams Avenue from the board to the board. The ordinance gives the council the power to repair or demolish the existing structure. The second reading will take place at the next council meeting.

The Board approved a one-time pay raise for employees who worked during the pandemic and have continued to work since. Full-time employees will receive a one-time payment of $ 1,000 and part-time employees will receive a one-time payment of $ 500.

Paradynamix, an IT company that provides Internet and telephone support, gave a small presentation to the board on IT services.

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